The Commercial Vehicle Business Network (CVBNetwork) is the culmination of 18+ years working in and with the commercial vehicle industry. It’s rooted in the National Ford Truck Club (NFTC), which had its first meeting in March, 2006 at the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Work Truck Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Twelve of 18 Regional Truck Clubs sent representatives to that meeting, with discussions focused on how to make Regional Clubs better for their members. It was agreed that a National Ford Truck Club could bring Fleet and Commercial Sales Managers and all Ford professionals together to discuss common challenges relating to our unique role in the B2B vehicle business.

After nearly two decades of building our networks, plus supporting and serving the Ford commercial vehicle industry and dealers as their ‘toolbox’ of ideas, resources and news, we decided to team up with Work Truck Solutions to expand our reach. Today, we’re very pleased and excited to officially offer this toolbox to the entire network of OEMs, dealerships and upfitters.

The mission of the CVBNetwork is to be the TOOLBOX of resources for the entirety of the commercial vehicle ecosystem:

  • To support the entire network of businesses in the ecosystem and increase their connectedness through the exchange of ideas with peers;
  • To offer education plus exposure to resources, procedures and best practices being used by others in the industry;
  • To be a meeting place and hub of resources, information, stories and breaking news.

CVBNetwork will allow us to continue to serve all professionals supporting Ford Pro’s work truck, SUV and van business with our “PROPUBS” – FordPros Magazine, and support the addition of Commercial Vehicle Pro as the agnostic face of our READ (E/Zine), LISTEN (Podcast), WATCH (Videos) and Breaking NEWS resources.

Kristean von der Heiden,
Sponsorship Success
Kelsey Anderson, Sponsor Support
Kathryn Schifferle, Executive Producer
Candy McCollum,
Business Development
Ryan Day, Assistant Editor +
Contributing Columnist