Adrian Steel: New HVAC Products

Adrian Steel continues to utilize our strong HVAC association connections and partnerships to deep-dive common industry problems and develop new accessories that save techs time and money.

Vacuum Pump Tray: Protect your pump and prevent oil spills during transport with our all-new Vacuum Pump Tray. This pump tray can be mounted on the floor, end panel or partition and will prevent pumps from falling out of the vehicle’s step-well (a common storage spot.)

Air Filter Storage Shelf: Prevent damaged filters with this new innovative storage solution. Built into our newly released 16” shelving, this shelf will contain and protect air filters up to 26” tall. These shelves are available in three different heights.

Hose/Cord Organizers: Hose and Cord holders allow you to free up valuable floor space and protect the longevity of your equipment. The holder’s curved surfaces allow your hose/cord to conform easily, preventing deformation and extending service life.

Gauge Cover: Our all-new gauge cover prevents expensive gauges from getting damaged in transport. It fits both mechanical and digital manifold gauges and can be mounted on window screens, end panels or partitions.

These new HVAC accessories help technicians prioritize safety, efficiency, and profitability. To purchase these new accessories, reach out to your local Adrian Steel distributor, which can be found here: