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LISTEN: Podcast – PERC – A Focus on Propane

 Steve Henning, Executive Editor, CVBNetwork, sat down with Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of PERC – highlighting the versatility and necessity of Propane in the varied AltFuel Market – and how these powerhouse of a fuel works toward furthering “connecting the dots” in the commercial space. 

The Way We Were – Thoughts from Work Truck Week 2024

In the recent past for the automotive world (both commercial and retail), the world of selling was very different. With scarce inventory, customers were clamoring for darn near any vehicle they could get their hands on. And this meant prices that were higher (often significantly so) than usual, along with multiple customers competing for the same vehicle. As a result, many new to the vehicle business thought the process was simply taking an order, frequently from the person willing to pay the highest amount.  Oh,...

WTW24 | Safety Central -A Safe Bet: You Couldn’t Have Missed Booth 5321 at Work Truck Week 2024 Even If You Tried

Was it the carefully aligned, polished vehicles that you spotted from across the floor?  Or the high-tech touch screens, bright lights, and chrome-finished storage solutions you noticed upon closer inspection? Maybe it was the group of onlookers by the high-roof van hypnotized by another smooth ErgoRack demo?  No matter what pulled you into Booth 5321, it wouldn’t have taken long to notice the precise attention to details given to the souped-up vehicles, product displays, and engaging Experts covering the booth. After all, an exhibit at...

Driving Connections: One Nexus Acquires Commercial Truck Training

This industry is all about making connections, and you see evidence of that everywhere. It is an honor to share details on one such connection in this admired publication. Our job is to help a business grow by connecting them to the tools that can assist in their everyday efforts. Maybe that’s enhancing efficiency, making transportation safer, providing unprecedented convenience, or simply allowing the bottom line to tilt more in their favor. To succeed anywhere in the commercial and fleet world, you have to love...

COACH KEN : Working Trade Shows Without a Booth

Working a trade show for commercial auto can be a very lucrative event regarding both appointments and sales. Most dealerships feel like they have to buy a booth in order to make it worthwhile, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Here is why: One day walking the booths at a trade show or other business event is like five days of sales calls! Here is a short guide to working the show, including the word track. 1.  Be casual and friendly and whatever...

WATCH + LISTEN: WTW24 | Your Digital Toolkit for Success | Work Trucks Solutions Fireside Chat

The Fireside chat, “- Your Digital Toolkit for Success” with Work Truck Solutions at 2024 Work Truck Week– with industry experts Jim Press, Kathryn Schifferle, AJ Hewitson,  Alicia Von Bokel, and Rene St.Hilaire! The panel discussed issues relevant to commercial sales, with a range of fantastic topics covered- Struggles with CRMs and the ever looming “Back to Normal” after the Covid pandemic flipped the supply and demand model were just of a few of many. was glad to have been covering the event- A definitively important tool in our industry toolbox!

WATCH + LISTEN: WTW24 | U.S. Upfitters, a Division of Driverge | Feature Focus

Dan Shelhamer, Vice President of Sales at U.S. Upfitters, a Division of Driverge speaks with Sean Meredith, Director of Business Development, Driverge and Kristean von der Heiden, at the 2024 Work Truck Week in regards to US Upfitters solutions for smaller vehicles and their impressive locks.

WATCH + LISTEN: WTW24 | Driverge Vehicle Innovations | Merging Strengths

Sean Meredith, Director of Business Development, Driverge and Dan Shelhamer, Vice President of Sales at U.S. Upfitters, a Division of Driverge, reflected on Driverge/US Upfitter’s merger with Kristean von der Heiden, at the 2024 Work Truck Week. Sean goes on to speak to the Driverge’s upfits for smaller vehicles to fill the void the lack of smaller work truck vehicles from the OEMS.

WATCH + LISTEN: WTW24 | Adrian Steel | Kevin LaBrecque

Kevin LaBrecque, Director of Marketing, Adrian Steel spoke to Steve Henning, at the 2024 Work Truck Week, unveiling Revolutionary Truck Solutions with incredible build times. Walk through the whole solution with Kevin and Steve.

WATCH + LISTEN: WTW24 | Knapheide | Mandar Dighe

Mandar Dighe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Knapheide spoke with Kevin Kinell, CTO, Work Truck Solutions at the 2024 Work Truck Week- nailing home the importance of coming to the show, highlighting their impressive portfolio of work truck solutions, and rounding out their 175th+ year in business.