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WATCH + LISTEN: Omnichannel Communication | Kathryn Schifferle, CVO, Work Truck Solutions

Kathryn Schifferle, CVO, Work Truck Solutions sat down with Commercial Vehicle Business Network to give us insight into the exciting new directions – and opportunities –  marketing is going in the Commercial Vehicle Business World.

Spring 2024 CVBSummit | The Future of the Commercial Vehicle Industry in the Net-Zero Era

As we consider the future of the commercial vehicle industry, it is clear that we are on the cusp of a new era. The future of commercial vehicles will be shaped by several factors, including the increasing demand for last-mile delivery and technological advancements. However, one commonality within the dynamic field of commercial transportation is the inevitable move toward net-zero emissions. As environmental concerns comprise an ever-critical cornerstone of societal and political discourse, the commercial vehicle industry stands at the crossroads of change. U.S. federal...

Commercial Vehicle Pro-File: Mike Kelly, Mike Shaw RAM

With a background in construction and industrial work, Mike Kelly now serves as the dedicated Commercial and Fleet Department Director at Mike Shaw CDJR. Transitioning from a 3-year stint in retail car sales and leveraging his background as a contractor, Mike integrated his knowledge of construction and commercial vehicles with his experience in the car business. His journey with the Mike Shaw dealership began seven years ago, marking a decade of his involvement in the automotive industry, with the last seven years focused on commercial...

Commercial Vehicle Pro-File: David Rittenhouse, Bergey’s Buick GMC

David Rittenhouse, an esteemed member of Berkey’s GMC, boasts a seasoned career stretching over two decades in commercial light-duty truck sales. With a background in heavy-duty trucking, David’s career took a pivotal turn when his aptitude for commercial sales was recognized, propelling him into his current position at Berkey’s GMC store. Confronted with the swift retirement of his predecessors, David mastered his craft in what one might describe as ‘baptism by fire.’ This hands-on learning experience, while challenging, led to a unique self-taught expertise. At...

Spring 2024 CVBSummit | Overcoming Challenges in Fleet Electrification with Simulation Tools

As businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint, the adoption of electric vehicles has become a key strategy. However, this transition is fraught with challenges. Navigating fleet electrification requires a deep dive into two essential considerations: the “Why” elucidates the reasons behind the transition, while the “How” outlines the roadmap for implementing it effectively. The “How” can also include simulation tools that help businesses understand the impact of different scenarios on their operations to make informed decisions. The “Why” of Fleet Electrification Understanding the underlying...

Connecting The Dots for Fleet Sustainability Strategies

There is a significant drive for the commercial vehicle industry to transition to more sustainable fleets. While innovative technologies like commercial EVs and hydrogen fuel vehicles are emerging to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial transportation, stakeholders embarking on this green transition are confronted with a myriad of challenges. Stakeholders include every organization involved in manufacturing, upfitting, selling, and operating net-zero vehicles and everything in between. All of the stakeholders involved in the decarbonization of commercial transportation must begin to address, in a holistic way,...

WATCH + LISTEN: Spring 2024 CVBSummit Review

Connecting the Dots – that was the theme of the recent Spring 2024 Commercial Vehicle Business Summit hosted by Work Truck Solutions, along with sponsors Escalent, Mitsubishi HC Capital America and Comvoy. The concept for the virtual event revolved around the connections that are so important in our business. After all, the work truck and van ecosystem is all about relationships with customers, upfitters, colleagues, OEMs and so on. And making these connections, hearing from other experts, is a key way to how we improve...

WATCH + LISTEN: WTW24 | Your Digital Toolkit for Success | Work Trucks Solutions Fireside Chat

The Fireside chat, “- Your Digital Toolkit for Success” with Work Truck Solutions at 2024 Work Truck Week– with industry experts Jim Press, Kathryn Schifferle, AJ Hewitson,  Alicia Von Bokel, and Rene St.Hilaire! The panel discussed issues relevant to commercial sales, with a range of fantastic topics covered- Struggles with CRMs and the ever looming “Back to Normal” after the Covid pandemic flipped the supply and demand model were just of a few of many. was glad to have been covering the event- A definitively important tool in our industry toolbox!

WATCH + LISTEN: WTW24 | U.S. Upfitters, a Division of Driverge | Feature Focus

Dan Shelhamer, Vice President of Sales at U.S. Upfitters, a Division of Driverge speaks with Sean Meredith, Director of Business Development, Driverge and Kristean von der Heiden, at the 2024 Work Truck Week in regards to US Upfitters solutions for smaller vehicles and their impressive locks.

WATCH + LISTEN: WTW24 | Driverge Vehicle Innovations | Merging Strengths

Sean Meredith, Director of Business Development, Driverge and Dan Shelhamer, Vice President of Sales at U.S. Upfitters, a Division of Driverge, reflected on Driverge/US Upfitter’s merger with Kristean von der Heiden, at the 2024 Work Truck Week. Sean goes on to speak to the Driverge’s upfits for smaller vehicles to fill the void the lack of smaller work truck vehicles from the OEMS.