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LISTEN: Podcast – PERC – A Focus on Propane

 Steve Henning, Executive Editor, CVBNetwork, sat down with Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of PERC – highlighting the versatility and necessity of Propane in the varied AltFuel Market – and how these powerhouse of a fuel works toward furthering “connecting the dots” in the commercial space. 

Letter From the Editor: Successful Connections

Building Your Book For those in sales, the phrase “building your book of business” is likely a familiar phrase. But even if you’re not in sales, you have a “book” too. Essentially, your book is that list of people you know and interact with; they might be prospects, customers, colleagues, acquaintances, industry experts you’ve met, mentors, and the list goes on and on.  The important point here is that we all have a book, no matter what business we’re in, and regardless of our role...

WTW24 | Safety Central -A Safe Bet: You Couldn’t Have Missed Booth 5321 at Work Truck Week 2024 Even If You Tried

Was it the carefully aligned, polished vehicles that you spotted from across the floor?  Or the high-tech touch screens, bright lights, and chrome-finished storage solutions you noticed upon closer inspection? Maybe it was the group of onlookers by the high-roof van hypnotized by another smooth ErgoRack demo?  No matter what pulled you into Booth 5321, it wouldn’t have taken long to notice the precise attention to details given to the souped-up vehicles, product displays, and engaging Experts covering the booth. After all, an exhibit at...

COACH KEN : Working Trade Shows Without a Booth

Working a trade show for commercial auto can be a very lucrative event regarding both appointments and sales. Most dealerships feel like they have to buy a booth in order to make it worthwhile, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Here is why: One day walking the booths at a trade show or other business event is like five days of sales calls! Here is a short guide to working the show, including the word track. 1.  Be casual and friendly and whatever...

DEALERSHIP SUCCESS | Connecting the Dots: A Strategy for Success in a Brave New World

The commercial vehicle industry stands at the crossroads of innovation and tradition, facing a future where net-zero operations are not just ideal but often required by regulations. And beyond the net-zero conversation, there are many other challenges encountered by those in our commercial ecosystem, and they all need solutions.  The complex and interconnected nature of this industry, combined with the urgent push toward sustainability, requires a strategic approach that goes beyond the conventional. Success in this brave new world hinges on the ability of commercial...

ALTFUEL | Connect for Success: Easing the Stress of Net-Zero Adoption

As the push towards climate-friendly commerce intensifies, business owners and commercial fleet managers find themselves at the forefront of a significant change—moving towards net-zero emissions. However, despite the clearly defined objective, the uncertainty about the process and fears about the associated complexities often create a high-stress environment for these professionals. Transitioning commercial vehicle fleets to net-zero emissions involves dealing with numerous issues, such as choosing the right vehicles, upgrading infrastructure, and organizing appropriate driver training. Financing these changes is another significant stress point, as is...

Hitachi and Penske launch large-scale electric truck charging pilot

Hitachi Energy’s Grid-eMotion® Fleet solution supports high-capacity charging for electric vehicles at major commercial truck depot in Stockton, California and paves way for sustainable transportation. Grid-eMotion® Fleet solution charging electric trucks at Penske truck depot California, March 19, 2023 – Hitachi America, Ltd. (Hitachi), Hitachi Energy, and Penske Truck Leasing today announced the launch of a large-scale, centralized electric truck charging solution. This groundbreaking project supports Penske’s electric truck deployments for its customers in the Stockton, California area. For this pilot initiative, Hitachi Energy has supplied Penske with its state-of-the-art...


Jake Obert, Senior Director of Sales and Kim Mathers, Vice President Product Marketing and Strategy, REE Automotive sat down with us the last day of Work Truck Week 2024 and discussed the P7C Cab Chassis, first time showing in the USA, as well as the highlights from their attendance!


Kaitlyn Deleary, Assistant Marketing Director and Clay Okabayashi, Director of Sales at Mullen Automotive sat down on the last day of Work Truck Week 2024 to showcase new and existing products and highlight the needs to come out to shows. Be sure to check out Mullen on NuPropel!

LISTEN: WTW24 | MOTIV PS | Jim Castelaz

Kristean von der Heiden, met up with Jim Castelaz , Founder and Chief Technology and Revenue Officer, Motiv PS at the 2024 Work Truck Week – Last year was such a great podcast, we sought out a recap of Motiv PS’ last year and more from Jim on why it is so important to come to Work Truck Week.