C4 Landscaping specializes in residential and commercial landscaping and repair in Linden, California, near Stockton. Between droughts, record rainfall and fires, as well as intense heat waves, the past few years have been very challenging for them, as it has for everyone in the landscaping field. Grass, plants, and other foliage struggle to survive and thrive in these extreme conditions.

Owner Joe Cordeiro faces these challenges with 25 years of experience and the best tools he can find. “We look for function first and great longevity second,“ says Cordeiro, “and that includes the service trucks we use as well. We have tried quite a few.“ Eventually they settled on the Ford F-Series, teamed with Scelzi’s premium truck bodies.

When a new customer first sees a member of the C4 Landscaping team roll onto their property,  there is no mistaking they are dealing with an elite service team. The rugged yet stylish truck body, covered in a jet black, highly reflective paint finish verifies that these are serious professionals. The trucks are a reflection of the company values Cordeiro instills in his team.

“We didn’t start with Scelzi truck bodies at first, because we didn’t realize there was such a large gap in quality between them and other suppliers,“ states Cordeiro. “But we saw how much nicer they looked and the design of the hinges and other features, and it was obvious they were built to last a long time. We also love the degree of customization we can do that still retains the premium Scelzi quality. Our 5-year old Scelzi bodies still operate as well as the new ones we got last year, and their customer service has always been top-notch.”

Whether on a new installation or repairing a broken water pipe, the work teams at C4 have seen quite a few changes in tools and techniques over the years. As Joe looks back on those changes, his son Jozeph is looking forward, with a degree in ornamental horticulture and a hunger to learn more.

Adds Jozeph, “We are getting ready to order another batch of Scelzi trucks now, and everyone is a bit excited. Both because our business is growing fast, but also because our tasks are made a little bit easier when you have the right equipment. We certainly feel that Scelzi truck bodies are perfect for us now and in the foreseeable future.”