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LISTEN: Podcast – PERC – A Focus on Propane

 Steve Henning, Executive Editor, CVBNetwork, sat down with Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of PERC – highlighting the versatility and necessity of Propane in the varied AltFuel Market – and how these powerhouse of a fuel works toward furthering “connecting the dots” in the commercial space. 

Propane Council Calls Attention to Energy Resiliency for National Propane Day

WASHINGTON (October 4, 2023) – The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is celebrating the second annual National Propane Day on October 7, 2023. National Propane Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the ways propane keeps America running and to highlight all the benefits propane offers, including for fleet owners and transportation directors. “Fleet owners need a reliable and resilient energy source they can count on to meet their demanding duty cycles—whether they’re transporting students safely to and from school, ensuring goods are delivered on time, or...

The Blended Future of AltFuels In Commercial Transportation

Amid the clamor surrounding the rise of Electric Vehicles (EVs), there lies an unspoken reality—the commercial transportation industry is just not on a path of singular dependence on EVs. The complex balance between environmental responsibility and commercial transportation cannot be satisfied solely by vehicle electrification, it also depends on the diverse potential of alternative fuels. Conversations within the commercial vehicle industry make it increasingly clear that renewable fuels, hydrogen, and propane, the silent stalwarts of the alternative energy industry, will not be relegated to the...

LISTEN: Season Three of Commercial Vehicle Pro Podcast Lauched with PERC Spotlight Interview

Season Three of the Commercial Vehicle Pro Podcast has Launched with a Fantastic Conversation between Stephen Whaley, Director of Autogas Business at PERC (Propane Education & Research Council) and Steve Henning, Marketing Director at Work Truck Solutions Listen at HERE Stephen Waley will be the Keynote speaker at the upcoming Fall 2023 CVBSummit on October 25th, 2023! Be Sure to Register Now!