Note from the Editor: Opportunities Abound

As we all know, opportunities come in many shapes and sizes. Looking back over the last couple of years, there were many opportunities to talk to your customers, although many of those conversations weren’t quite what you – or your customers – likely wanted. Much of the time, the discussion centered around work trucks and vans you simply didn’t have / couldn’t get (at least not quickly) for them. Rather, you had to talk about the options for ordering, and the time that would take, or take a look at remarketed inventory when you could get your hands on it.

However, as Coach Ken says in his article, we appear to be at the end of the chain of events that was a global pandemic. Hopefully you never stopped doing what you do and stayed in touch with your customers, no matter the message. But if not, now is the time to “start over” and get back to connecting with those customers and prospective customers. Or, as Joe mentions, sometimes you need to seize the problem because it’s really an opportunity. By doing so, by being eager to respond and act, you can create your own good fortune and quite possibly build a customer relationship for life. 

In this issue, we have several articles highlighting businesses and owners who saw an opportunity and capitalized on it. In doing so, they benefited, but so did their future employees and customers. When you step back and think about it, they made, and are still making, an impact, for their family, in their community and on the economy. Read through the article featuring Everett’s Landscape Management and you’ll see what I mean. The effect of the business Everett Diemer founded has been felt for almost 70 years!

Without a doubt, each of you are also making an impact because you are assisting those entrepreneurs who had a vision – and it’s quite possible you’re an entrepreneur too – with making that positive mark in their town, for their customers, and for our economy.

As the headline says, opportunities abound. Read through the success stories in this issue for some inspiration and then seize the day and make your mark!