Reducing Downtime with Mobile Field Service

One of your operators accidentally drives over their crane remote on the jobsite while the crane is suspended in the air. The tailgate release on your dump body is malfunctioning in the middle of a landscaping project. Your work truck’s electric inverter will not power up, leaving you without 110V in the field.

Repairs take time. And time is money. When your business depends on fully operational work trucks, you benefit greatly from having access to mobile field services, and their ability to meet you and your team wherever you work. Work truck equipment manufacturers who provide in-field support bring added value to owners, operators and fleet managers. Through their service locations or distributor partners, they’ve upfitted and outfitted your work trucks to make them work for you. 

Deep knowledge

Utilizing your work truck body’s manufacturer for mobile field service means you’re working with an end-to-end partner who understands the ins and outs of its products. They employ a team of technicians who make, mount and install parts on your vehicles. Essentially, it’s manufacturing excellence meets mechanical expertise.

While you can lean on local mechanics who work on all types of vehicles or dealerships who specialize in their brand of vehicles, work truck equipment manufacturers live, sleep and breathe work trucks. In the shop, they’re helping customers with parts, accessories and upfitting opportunities, as well as typical services like annual equipment inspections. This knowledge and mechanical know-how follows technicians into the field when you need them most.

Speed, accuracy, efficiency

In today’s fast-paced business environment, technology can help enhance operational efficiencies. For mobile field service, mobile technology and applications do just that.

When a technician arrives in the field to support your work truck issue, they’re ready to assess and diagnose your work truck’s condition. Adding to their existing knowledge, scanning and diagnostic tools help a technician read your work truck’s more intricate systems with ease. Quickly identifying the issue at hand, diagnostic systems integrate with the equipment manufacturer’s inventory, manuals and customer data – i.e., no long paper trails or wait times.

“Mobile field service from a work truck equipment provider means fast diagnostics and troubleshooting, access to repair parts and ease of scheduling any necessary in-shop repairs – but not before you get out of the jam you’re in. If they can’t fix the problem, they’ll get you to someone who can,” explains David Dingess, Director – Aftermarket Parts & Accessories at Reading Truck.

Reduced downtime

Unplanned downtime means missing deadlines and potentially losing money. Your work truck was built to spec to add productivity to your day. When it’s out of commission, it’s out of line with your needs and expectations.

Mobile field service is a triage opportunity to help you get what you need faster. Perhaps you’re stuck in the field or can’t get there at all – a work truck equipment provider meets you right where you are and helps you determine the best next step. Whether the issue lies with their equipment or is completely unrelated, they want to get you back to work faster, since it’s their name on your tailgate.

Making work easier

When looking for a work truck equipment partner, consider their after-sale service capabilities and how they can support you in the field. Partners that have mobile service provide you with an extra element of support that can’t be overlooked. It’s not something that you think about using every day, but are thankful for it when it is there for you.