Cup O Joe: Seize the Problem – Opportunity in Full Disguise!

This very day, I got a call from an agency in New York(!) that I supplied an F150 with a food delivery system that  arrived this week. He (John) had a problem that could be solved if I and my dealership could react quickly (before the  MSO was assigned). Sounds simple enough, but the paperwork said they were “Meals on Wheels…so-and-so  town, Inc.” So, what’s the problem? The MSO, to satisfy the good people in New York DOL, AND the insurer of  Meals, MUST include the word “of.” Small problem. Huge opportunity for me!

First problem solved: I called John back immediately, we talked about it, and the MSO will go to them tomorrow, properly worded. 

If I hadn’t called him back immediately, my dealership would have ended up asking Ford for a copy of the MSO, and in a week or two we would have been able to send that corrected one to them. 

What’s glaring here, as you drill down, I found that “they” are qualified for a Government FIN Code, as greater  than 60% of their funding is from government sources (local, regional, national), and wouldn’t be restricted if  they had fewer than 15 vehicles. 

It turns out this entity has MORE THAN TWENTY vehicles registered. Next opportunity is that I can assist John in  their Meals entity getting a GovFIN code, and save them substantial funds, not from my dealership but from Ford  itself: no profit lost for me, just huge savings for this fine organization.

ONCE I HAVE DONE THAT, when Meals in New York wants to buy another Ford of any kind, who do you think they  will call first? You and I know the answer. 

They will start with the dealer (on the West Coast—mine) that reached out, and looked out for them. They will  be able to use their precious funds to help the needy, having saved between $300 (E3F) and $4,000 (F1C, F1E)! 

I’m John’s new best friend.

Now, look out at the opportunity in (1) calling the concerned customer back IMMEDIATELY. Even if you don’t  know the answer, you can listen, tell them you’re sorry and point them in a direction for a solution.


A customer called me yesterday from Northern CA. Since the wisdom of the CA government requires it, the NEW E350 was not purchased from a CA dealership, it needed to be smog tested (I know!) They took it in, and it failed(!).  The person there recommended that they drive it a few miles then try again. They put 50 miles on it: still failed. It has to go to a Ford dealer to get it figured out. The first appointment service had for them is a little over two  weeks away. 


I called her back immediately. I offered the only solutions I am aware of (short of driving it some 400 miles to  my dealership). Now, the next time this client needs a vehicle, do you think they will immediately think to call  the local Ford dealer that put them on the schedule in 16 days? Or will they call the guy/dealer (me/Northside)  that called them back instantly?