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Set Yourself Apart by Being in the Know

Being in the know (and it’s so much better than being in the “no”) is essential for all of us in the commercial vehicle business.

The reality is, our customers – again no matter who they are – rely on us to know what’s happening in our ecosystem and subsequently being able to answer their questions, guide them with recommendations for their business, and suggest new products/solutions.

Sometimes, staying “current” is almost all encompassing due to the speed of change. What we knew last month, or even yesterday, is no longer accurate. But don’t despair – this edition has articles and content from many different areas across our industry, on a wide variety of topics.

By simply reading this publication – and hopefully you do so regularly – and checking out the Commercial Vehicle Business Network website ( – feel free to bookmark it!), you’re already well ahead of a good percentage of the commercial vehicle market.

No matter your position, or title, or type of company you’re part of, you’ll surely find something (and hopefully much more than one thing) in our June Self-Development edition that can help you serve your customers better and improve your knowledge base. Enjoy!

The mission of the CVBNetwork is to be the toolbox of resources for the entirety of the commercial vehicle ecosystem:

  • To support the entire network of businesses in the ecosystem and increase their connectedness through the exchange of ideas with peers;
  • To offer education plus exposure to resources, procedures and best practices being used by others in the industry;
  • To be a meeting place and hub of resources, information, stories and breaking news.


WATCH + LISTEN: Omnichannel Communication | Kathryn Schifferle, CVO, Work Truck Solutions

Kathryn Schifferle, CVO, Work Truck Solutions sat down with Commercial Vehicle Business Network to give us insight into the exciting new directions – and opportunities –  marketing is going in the Commercial Vehicle Business World.

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Being in the Know Will Set You Apart

By Steve Henning, Editor Being in the know (and it’s so much better than being in the “no”) is essential for all of us in the commercial vehicle business, regardless of what role we play – truck pro, upfitter, OEM representative, vendor partner, reporter, consultant, and so forth. The reality is, our customers – again no matter who they are – rely on us to know what’s happening in our ecosystem and subsequently being able to answer their questions, guide them with recommendations for their...

Commercial Truck Training: Strengthening Connections

By Will Brogan, Commercial Truck Training When we introduce the section of our refreshed Ultimate Boot Camp called Follow Through (as opposed to the cringy Follow Up), we ask our group two questions: “What was a memorable time someone impressed you with following through?” “When was the last time you impressed someone with following through?” There’s usually silence after the second question. There is so much focus on the process of the sale, even in fleet and commercial, that the customers you’ve collected get moved...


The Power of Human Connections in the Commercial Vehicle Industry Amid the bustling season of commercial vehicle expos and trade shows, “Connecting the Dots” was not merely the theme for the Commercial Vehicle Business Summit Spring 2024; it was a clarion call. This phrase underscored the pivotal role of human connections within the complexity of commerce and technology. Let’s explore these connections and their vital impact on the success of commercial vehicle dealerships. The Essence of Human Connections in the Commercial Vehicle Industry Human connections...

ACT Expo Mainstage Drives Discussion on Clean Tech Industry’s Next Steps

This year’s ACT Expo Mainstage did not disappoint, with speakers from every sector of the industry — innovators who were not afraid to ask, and answer, the tough questions and challenges facing the commercial transport industry. From Tesla Semi project lead Dan Priestley to J.B. Hunt President Shelley Simpson, this year’s attendees were presented with varying views of the electrification of the trucking industry, surprising revelations on the future of internal combustion engines, and an intriguing comparison to the evolution of the cell phone. More than 12,000 commercial transportation stakeholders...

Among Fleets, Recommendations Serve as Primary Triggers to Shop for Telematics

By Lucas Lowden, Program Lead of Escalent’s Fleet Advisory Hub™ Author’s Note: While this article is written to an audience of telematics service providers, if you are a business that operates vehicles – I encourage putting the shoe on the other foot – and taking potential service providers to task about meeting your business where it is, and outline how to best meet your business needs for connected solutions. For all service providers and vehicle-based business decision-makers alike, you’re not alone on this journey, and...

Spring 2024 CVBSummit | The Future of the Commercial Vehicle Industry in the Net-Zero Era

As we consider the future of the commercial vehicle industry, it is clear that we are on the cusp of a new era. The future of commercial vehicles will be shaped by several factors, including the increasing demand for last-mile delivery and technological advancements. However, one commonality within the dynamic field of commercial transportation is the inevitable move toward net-zero emissions. As environmental concerns comprise an ever-critical cornerstone of societal and political discourse, the commercial vehicle industry stands at the crossroads of change. U.S. federal...

SAFETY CENTRAL | Commercial Vehicle Tech is Peaking Right Now. Here Are 4 Examples of How

In the realm of work trucks and commercial vehicles, there’s no shortage of emerging technologies these days. In fact, in any given quarter, you’d find that an engineer from any of Safe Fleet’s brands may be cooking up an innovation that makes the road safer, fleet by fleet. From features that allow for distraction-free delivery routes, to cameras that use the power of machine learning, the commercial vehicle segment is experiencing a boom time in terms of safety technology. Here are 4 prime examples of...